Neighbourhood Plan Website – Specification


Charing Parish Steering Committee was established in the Autumn of 2016 to introduce a Neighbourhood Plan. Local residents of the parish of Charing are to provide their views through a formal process to have a say in how the parish will grow and be affected by development over the next 15 years. Such a plan will have legal status which means it will have a strong influence on future planning decisions.

Key Objectives of The Plan

At this stage in the process some key objectives have been highlighted and are to be developed further. These include:

  • Controlled and limited housing development which will not destroy the character of the village and with emphasis on smaller more affordable properties and the avoidance of further large estate development
  • Ensuring t that the proposed Orbit development will meet the needs of local people in perpetuity and that the development will not have disadvantage to village residents or visitors
  • Allocation of land to encourage new business and employment opportunities and measures to help sustain successful businesses in The High Street
  • Protect landscape, views and green spaces
  • Ensure that community facilities such as school, surgery, pharmacy, post office can provide continuing improvements to their service while population growth continues
  • Maintaining and improving the village character
  • Avoiding increases in traffic volume especially through Pluckley/Station Road and finding additional parking space for both residents and visitors to Charing .
  • Protect the environment especially as the parish includes a conservation area and an area of outstanding national beauty and important drainage areas for natural drinking water for residents in Charing and Ashford

Key Current Activity

Engaging the whole parish in the development of the plan. This will include:

  • Direct communication with parishioners via distribution of fliers; meetings, exhibitions and a questionnaire and hopefully email in the future
  • Improving communications with parishioners by attracting comment directly to website
  • Building solid relationships with the business community
  • Building excellent relationships with organisations providing community facilities
  • Improving links with adjoining parishes
  • Working more closely with local government especially Ashford Borough Council, KCC Highways
  • Working more closely with other organisations which may affect the parish including: Historic England; rail companies; bus companies; environment agency; water companies; land agents; CPRE; Kent Relocate

Documents to Post on Website

  • Minutes of CPC Neighbourhood Plan Committee
  • Minutes of Steering Committee
  • Minutes of meetings with Ashford Borough Council
  • All communication fliers sent to parishioners
  • Details of Task Groups (objective and names of members of group)
  • Milestones (running record of events to date)
  • Map of Neighbourhood plan area
  • Position document (including exhibits) to ABC on 15-12-16

March 2016